weekly wrap 16/06/17

“Don’t use a five-dollar word, when a fifty-cent word will do”

– Mark Twain


book of the week – Thinking Strategically, Avinash Dixon & Barry Nalebuff

I only managed to get about halfway through this book so far. It really forces you to think through each topic they discuss, limiting the speed at which one can consume the information.

So far though I’m thoroughly enjoying the practical approach the pair have taken to unearthing some key aspects of game theory. The case studies have been particularly interesting. I will have a review and rating for next week.


stock news of the week

Australian broadcasting company Ten Network (ASX:TEN) went into adminstration as its billionaire backers (Murdoch & Gordon) pulled their gurantee over the company’s debts.


articles of note

Adventures in Capitalism – trade idea

Interesting trade idea in a frequent flyer program that just lost its key airline… Worth a read if only for the unique ”investment logic”


Buffett Partnership Letters

All the Buffett Partnership letters pre Berkshire Hathaway


Pender Funds – investment process

A quality Canadian based small cap fund provides an overview of their strategy



Safal Niveshak – risk vs. loss aversion

Peridot Capitalist – provides a contrarian take on the “retail appocalypse”

Peridot Capitalist – retail appocalypse cont.

Farnam Street on why habbits may be more important than setting goals

James Clear on Inversion – one of my favourite mental models

Yale Article on “the market for lemons” (not the fruit…)

Maven Capital newsletter

Great FT article on how the “messy election” could be a positive for the city

Value & Opportunity with another spinoff idea – pass

NAOS capital monthly update

AFR article – Amazon moving into car sales (What does this mean for carsales.com & Autotrader?)

Brooklyn Investor – great article looking at the market valuation. If interest rates stay where they are the market is cheap!

Spring Graham & Doddsville Newsletter


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