weekly wrap 06/10/17


“Risk means more things can happen than will happen.”

– Elroy Dimson


stock news

ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD) announced they sold their Custom Pack business for $14.4m & they will be in a net cash position of ~$10m post the transaction. This is interesting when you consider it currently has a market cap of around $40m and the vast majority of profits are generated from the non-disposed side of the business. Therefore, if we take last years EBITDA of ~$4.5m and assume they can maintain $4m of that, the multiple drops from 9x to ~7.5x. Given the stock has not materially moved post the announcement, it seems like there should be an arbitrage here as the multiple moves back towards 9x when the market realises the profitability has remained mostly intact. This is not financial advice and it is an assumption that most of the last years profitability should remain post the divestment.


weekly links

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Part 1

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Aussie retail suffers biggest two-month fall in seven years

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Why is value investing so difficult?

Hugh Hendry shuts down his hedge fund – farewell letter

Rob Shiller discussing the coming bear market

Loss avoidance: The power of long-term thinking

Financial Market History

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