weekly wrap 20/10/17

“You gain more by not being stupid than you do by being smart. Smart gets
neutralized by other smart people. Stupid does not.”

– Phil Birnbaum


book of the week

Shoe Dog, Phil Knight – memoir by the founder of Nike. I found the book extremely difficult to put down, predominantly because you’re always waiting to see how the company was going to survive the next week! An exhilarating story that highlights the tribulation & effort required to get a business off the group.

Rating: 4/5


weekly links

Notes from the Great Investors Best Ideas Conference

Eric Cinnamond on Buffett 1999 vs. today

Eric Cinnamond being contrarian 

QVG capital Sep report

Evolving Economics on the benefit of doing nothing

Arquitos Capital AGM presentation

The value of simplicity

20 lessons from Seth Klarman

Sapient Capital Sep report

Long Cast Advisers discusses his thought process

Long Cast Advisers Q3 2017

Geoff Gannon has been writing a lot lately:

How I screen for stocks

4 favourite blogs

Danger of holding great stocks

Bought a new stock: 50% position (spoiler alert, it’s Nacco Industries)

Munger on the need to under-perform

Jack Bogle talking about Buffett

Boole Microcap Fund on old school Buffett

Cyan Investment Management Sep Update

The Science of Hitting on being consistent

Vitaly Katsenelson on finding investments today

LT3000 discussing Australian debt

Cable Car Capital latest update

Forager quarterly

Arowana Sep Update

Frank Martin on Tail Risk

Mohnish interview

Crossing Wall Street’s watch list

Horizon Kinetics on the role of active managers

Stone House Parterns up 157% YTD

Spotting red flags

A play-by-play of the ’87 stock market crash (a good read)

Graham & Doddsville latest

LT3000 on why he isn’t worried about war

Avenir Capital Jun Update

Michael Maubossin on reversion to the mean

Rick Bookstaber on the potential for an ETF meltdown

Science of Hitting – misc

Science of Hitting – losers average losers

GreenWood Investors update

Cove Street Capital update


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