Odds & Ends

I've been pretty slack on the blog front of late, partly because I have not made many substantial investments that have warranted a full write-up, partly because it is summer and I have been on holidays and finally because a decent chunk of my time has been consumed reviewing (and bidding) on some private deals. … Continue reading Odds & Ends

Realm Therapeutics (NASDAQ:RLM) pt.2

Summary The following does not constitute investment advice and represents my opinion - which is biased because I am a shareholder. However, we encourage all shareholders in Realm to exercise their rights as owners of the copy and VOTE in the upcoming shareholder meeting.   My firm, BAVARIA Industries Group AG, owns approximately 6% of … Continue reading Realm Therapeutics (NASDAQ:RLM) pt.2

The Local Shopping REIT – Part 2

Recap Last month I posted a short summary describing why I thought LSR represented an interesting short term, arbitrage bet. The short version was: LSR traded at a substantial discount to its NAV and the largest shareholder had announced they may make a bid for the remaining shares. At the time, the stock was trading around 27p … Continue reading The Local Shopping REIT – Part 2

Retail Holdings NV (OTC:RHDGF)

Summary This is going to be a rather brief post because the underlying thesis is quite simple and Dave Waters has already written about it on multiple occasions via his terrific (albeit quieter than it used to be...) blog otcadventures.com Retail Holdings (ReHo) has been an extremely slow moving liquidation story. The short investment pitch is that … Continue reading Retail Holdings NV (OTC:RHDGF)

Parks! America (OTC:PRKA)

Summary Despite its tiny market capitalisation, Parks America is a surprisingly high quality, albeit niche, business. The combination of a high performing park and a loss making one, together with an unusually large number of "rainy weekends" has created an interesting investment setup. On a normalised basis (excluding the loss making site) the group should … Continue reading Parks! America (OTC:PRKA)