A quant scan for good capital allocators

Over the past few weeks I've been doing some in-depth due diligence on a potential investment that operates in the advertising industry. A key focus of my DD process is the sustainability of customers and their associated annual spend - recurring revenues from loyal, sticky customers are high on my priority list. A quick way … Continue reading A quant scan for good capital allocators

reducing hindsight bias through decision journals

One of the key modifications that I've made to my investment process this year, is the introduction of a decision journal. I came across the concept many years ago but never followed through with the implementation. That changed after I read The Emotionally Intelligent Investor, by Ravee Mehta. Throughout the book he preaches the importance of understanding one’s … Continue reading reducing hindsight bias through decision journals

some quick thoughts on valuation

The more investments I make and the longer I spend thinking about this game, the less emphasis I place on valuation. This may sound counterintuitive given I place myself firmly in the value investor camp. So, let me clarify:   Firstly, I think setting price targets and determining exact valuations is naive, unnecessary, and dangerous. Believing … Continue reading some quick thoughts on valuation