weekly wrap 15/09/17

"Market efficiency depends on the relative proportion of market participants who are making investment decisions with their prefrontal cortexes to the ones relying on their more instinctive faculties, such as fight-or-flight" - Andrew Lo   As you may have guessed from this weeks quote, I've been reading Adaptive Markets recently and I think it's a great synthesis … Continue reading weekly wrap 15/09/17

weekly wrap 18/08/17

"Acting with the crowd ensures an acceptable mediocrity; acting independently runs the risk of unacceptable under-performance” - Seth Klarman     This week I've been reading HBR's Guide to Buying a Small Business, by Richard Ruback and Royce Yudkoff. What I enjoyed most about the book was its practicality and applicability - even if you're not … Continue reading weekly wrap 18/08/17